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Information and Downloads about Aluminum Windows

In our Download and Service area, you have the chance to access technical information about aluminum/aluminium windows, which have been established for by our technical department and are made available here to you. Please note that all documents here represent no general statements and represent no binding information regarding our aluminum/aluminium windows. The information available here about aluminum/aluminium windows serves solely as technical assistance for particular solutions. Please contact our customer service representatives and/or our technical department regarding any inquiries or questions regarding your building project plans, needs and available solutions. Only information that is assigned specifically to your building project is binding.


Information About Aluminium/Aluminum Windows PDF Datei Basic Information about Aluminum/Aluminium Windows PDF Important Information about installation and selection of aluminium/aluminium windows

Installation Options Aluminum/Aluminium Windows AWS Horizontal PDF Datei Installation Options Aluminum/Aluminium Windown AWS horizontal PDF Examples of aluminium/aluminium window and sliding door sizes / distances between joints

Checklist for Inquiries PDF Datei Check List for inquiries PDF Necessary information and data for the correct processing of your inquiries

Product Details Alfeco Supertherm Plus PDF Datei Product Details Alu Group Supertherm Plus PDF Information about Performance and Technical Details of Alu Group Supertherm Plus Windows

U- Value Calculation Schüco AWS 75.SI PDF Datei U-Value Calculation Schüco AWS 75.SI PDF Sample calculations of U-values: Schüco AWS 75.Si, 3-Layer Glass with warm corners

U- value calculation Schüco ASS 70.HI PDF Datei U-Value Calculations Schüco ASS 70.HI PDF Sample calculations of U-values: Schüco ASS 70.HI, 3-Layer Glass with warm corners

Bank Guarantee form PDF Datei Bank Guarantee Form PDF Pre-printed form for obtaining a payment/bank guarantee

Service and Warranty – PDF PDF Datei Service and Warranty PDF Information about use and maintenance of Schüco Aluminium/Aluminium Window/Door Components

Instruction Manual Schüco Fingerprint PDF Datei Instruction Manual Schüco Fingerprint PDF Connection and programming manual for Schüco Fingerprint Front Doors

Catalogue Aluminum/Aluminium Front Doors PDF Datei Catalogue Aluminum/Aluminium Front Doors PDF Alfeco aluminum/aluminium front/house door catalogue from Schüco ADS 75.SI or ADS 90.SI

Further information and specifications are available by request through our technical department.

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