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The Development of Aluminum/Aluminium Window Systems has Tradition!

Aluminium Facade
The choice of metal and aluminum for the production of robust aluminum/aluminium window constructions of area goes back to a decades-long tradition. Only through the use of metals such as steel and aluminum/aluminium were the possibilities created to produce facades in such modern forms. This tradition originates from showcase technology, in which the company Schüco has its origins. In the early days of development, the main focus of the aluminum/aluminium profile systems lay in the implementation of static properties, and thus large glass surfaces became realizable. From the end of the 20th Century, the development of such aluminum/aluminium profile systems was increasingly concentrated on the field of thermal insulation, as by the nature of the material even plastic and wooden windows offered better insulation. In the meantime, Schüco aluminum/aluminium windows of today’s generation profile system have become second to none with respect to other materials when it comes to the actual thermal insulation of windows. Here, today’s technology makes use of a clever combination of various materials.
Aluminium Window Development
Aluminium Window Development
Aluminium Window Systems
Window Finishing
As before, the aluminum/aluminium serves as a sturdy, yet lightweight material for the primary structure of the window profile system. In the second level, integrated plastic bars provide the thermal break between the interior and exterior of the aluminum/aluminium shells. By pressing and knurling these elements into aluminum/aluminium profile, a fixed frame assembly is created. Additionally, inserts of spongy plastics into the frame elements provide for very high insulation values. Such inserts are especially required in areas where glass mountings meet the frame to prevent too cold spots from forming in the cavities.

The development of a mature Schüco Window system, however, includes more factors than just profile development. Windows consist in part of up to one hundred items, all of which must function harmoniously together to deliver the best results for an aluminum/aluminium window. Thus, the demands on a modern window stand in relation not only to the profile system, but also to the desired operating options of each window. This also includes, for example, systems and fittings for aluminum/aluminium sliding doors, aluminum/aluminium doors or aluminum/aluminium facades. Aluminum/aluminium windows are highly suited to combine with high-tech. Products such as finger-print solutions, message contacts or motor control systems for modern aluminum/aluminium windows are some of the possibilities of a wide range of home automation available today .