Aluminum Windows and Doors

Alu Group: In the Name of Quality, We Build upon Market Leader Schuco

For a long time, aluminum windows counted as a privileged product. Even today, aluminum belong to the royal class of window construction, due to their high level of quality and their almost indestructible durability. Window configurations, once thought to be impossible, can be realized through today’s technology and with the help of aluminum windows.

Alu Window Sliding door
To stand in a closed room and still have the feeling of freedom! The feeling of standing in a large room, flooded with light, is truly something special. Windows and doors are our gateway to the world outside, and exactly that should be at the center of home construction. Not only in new construction do aluminum windows give a unique feeling of freedom, they do just as much in renovations.

Through the extremely high strength of aluminum windows, window constructions can be made not just larger, but also more continuous and construed with greater glass area in their designs. Where, for example, one would be forced to place a middle stabilizing column in the window frame in PVC construction, in aluminum construction one now has the choice of continuous planes of glass.

In the 80s and 90s, owing to high costs of work-intensive production processes, aluminum windows had established themselves only minimally in private construction projects. Today, however, architecture design and—more importantly, the fabrication possibilities—have set new standards in window manufacture and, in consequence, in the price and in the quality of aluminum windows.

Through optimized fabrication processes and high levels of competence within the aluminum window industry itself, we set new standards in window and in curtain wall construction.

Discover the world of aluminum windows for yourself before or while you plan your building project!