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At the beginning of the 1980s, Alu Group, founded in Hamburg, Germany, developed into a pioneer aluminum and metal fabricator. Numerous factories, located internationally, work in aluminum extrusion and window construction on commission of Alu Group. With the opening of the East-West Border within Germany and the build-up of the East, Alu Group became a supplier of aluminum windows and curtain walls and panel claddings. In the 1990s, Alu Group succeeded in breaking into the fabrication of extruded aluminium. The portfolio of products was developing daily.

In 2004, Alu Group launched further products in the field of shutters, such as our own tubular motors and electronic components for the household automation. Through close collaboration with German suppliers of pvc windows and shade fabricators as well as active participation of the Alu Group in private object, a new milestone was laid. At the end of 2007, the divisions Tubular Motors, Control Systems and PVC Windows were outsourced to a new company under new ownership. Since then, Alu Group dedicates itself entirely to aluminum and metal fabrication. In 2008, the Alu Group expanded through a new production facility for aluminum windows and doors in south Europe. This facility, runs under the flag, Alu Group A.S., is the main production plant for Alu Group.

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Equipped with three production lines and diverse high-performance CNC machines, this window manufacture counts as one of the most modern fabricators in Europe. Here, we can realize almost every customer wish. Already, several prestigious international building projects such as hotels, schools, shopping malls as well as private homes in northern, middle and southern European regions have been planned and implemented.

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Our production facilities, technicians and installers work daily on behalf of our customers. Through many years of experience in window and curtain wall fabrication, it is possible for us to develop custom-made and expertly designed solutions made to suit each customer’s highly specific requests. Through a broad palette of products and a large production capacity, we are the ideal partner in window and curtain wall manufacturing for both commercial and residential use. In addition to our packaged solutions for private construction, supervisors, architects and planners, we provide a wide range of products and services for window installers and construction companies.