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Aluminum Window, Door and Curtain Wall Systems.

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Experience new dimensions in aluminum/aluminium window design and construction!

Expand your horizons using high-quality aluminum windows, doors and curtain walls. Regardless of the type of aluminum windows your building project requires—panorama windows, round oculi windows, folding doors or sliding doors. At Alu Group you will find every type of construction of aluminum windows and curtain walls.

Great Possibilities

Many sizes and forms of windows in today’s architecture are simply not compatible with plastic and wooden windows. Only with windows, sliding doors and folding doors made of aluminum can construction be carried out in the highest quality and insulation class possible.


Not without reason are the most modern of international construction projects built with aluminum as the material of choice. That does not mean, however, that prices for aluminum windows and doors are not affordable. Our aluminum windows unite the advantages of modern building techniques with optimized manufacturing practices. Thus we achieve our Goal of delivering high-quality aluminum windows and doors at truly fair prices.

State of the Art Technology

For the production of our aluminum windows, we use exclusively the complete technology of the world’s leading window system developer, Schuco Germany. We combine the newest aluminum window technology with the highest German manufacturing standards for precision.

Clear Advantages

  • Aluminum windows have the highest weather resistance and the greatest longevity.
  • Aluminum windows and doors are structurally extremely stable. That is why so many commercial and prestigious architecture projects make use of aluminum/aluminium windows.
  • Many sizes and forms are only realisable through aluminium/aluminum window systems.
  • Windows and doors made of aluminum require minimal maintenance—they are very durable because aluminum is highly resistant to weather, erosion and general wear and tear.
  • Through individualized powder-coatings, aluminum windows and doors are available in almost any color desired. Even authentic wood-grain relief can be stamped into aluminum frames.
  • Aluminum windows and doors are environmentally friendly. Not only do they demonstrate excellent insulating qualities, but they are also 100% recyclable.
  • Aluminum windows offer a higher level of security against break-ins and noise than either wood or PVC windows.

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Alu Group — The Difference is More Than Price!

Alu Group— Our motto is: Quality in aluminium/aluminum window construction pays for itself!

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Alu Group considers itself as a partner to both private and commercial building projects of all sizes. Our greatest capital is our customers. That is why fairness and transparency belong to our core values. These are reflected not only in the quality of our windows and our service, but also in the price of our aluminum windows and curtain walls. As an international provider of high-quality aluminum windows and doors, we work ceaselessly to provide the optimal balance between quality and price for our customers. Thirty years of experience helps us to realise these basic values worldwide in each and every aluminum/aluminium element we produce. > Aluminum/Aluminium Window Price List

Aluminium Window Production

Our manufacturing operations belong to the most modern aluminum window, door and facade fabricators in the world. Our production facilities for aluminum windows and doors, built in 2015, is exclusively equipped with the newest generation of machines and assembly lines. Highly modern manufacturing processes, optimised throughout the whole spectrum of production, allow us to set the best value-for-money relationship. Yet, price alone does determine the quality of the windows and doors. More so, it is the manufacturing process that is decisive for the quality of aluminum windows—only optimized processes bring quality and price into proper relationship. > Our Firm

International Advisory Services, Planning and Assembly of our Aluminum Windows and Doors

We offer you comprehensive services regarding all our aluminum windows and doors.

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To round off our services, we offer world-wide planning and assembly services for our diverse portfolio of aluminum windows and curtain wall systems. The fitting of aluminum windows and doors takes place only according to our strict quality-control standards and guidelines. All aluminum window and door services are carried out with state of art technology and according to current regulations. Our partner network of metal fabricators and window builders is comprehensive and located undoubtedly within convenient distance from your building site. See for yourself! Allow yourself to be convinced by our products and services, and discover the advantages of Alu Group’s aluminum windows and doors. Our team is pleased to be able to advise you!

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Quality Down to the Details: Schuco Aluminum Window Systems of the Future

With us, nothing gets lostregarding quality—the certifications of our aluminum/aluminium windows speak for themselves!

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Aluminum windows are high-quality products that demand both top-quality materials and exacting workmanship. Alu Group’s long-standing partnership with Schuco, the leading developer of high-quality window systems, assures that all the aluminum windows and doors we produce not only meet all future energy-saving regulations, but are equipped with Schuco Aluminum Window Systems AWS 75.Sl and AWS 90.Sl. The result: Our windows are officially certified by several leading international quality assurance organisations. > Schüco Aluminium/Aluminum Window Design
And as if that were not enough! Through the standardized use of special glazing techniques and the aluminum/aluminium Profile Systems of Schuco, we set our own aluminum window insulation standards, far exceeding those of the plastic windows currently on the market. For the glass in our aluminum windows, we use exclusively top name-brand glass from the major manufacturers such as Guardian, SSG or AGC combined with Warm-Edge Spacer Technology that drastically hinders leaking of heat and cold where glass meets frame. > Window Quality

Aluminum—A Special Material Requiring Know-How

Alu Group —professional service, a comprehensive palette of products and a true commitment to our environment

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Alu Group—Structure & Service

We leave nothing to chance! Behind Alu Group stand people who are pursuing the same goal: The satisfaction of our customers. Each and every team member is specially trained for his or her range of assignments and is trained specifically on our windows and doors. Our service begins even in the planning stages. Our technical department for aluminum windows is composed of structural engineers and technical draftsmen as well as first-class mechanical technicians and metalworkers, who bring their know-how to the exigencies of the building project of the customer.

Alu Group—Design & Funktion

Our range of products is comprehensive and wide-reaching. In addition to classical aluminum windows and front doors, we also offer aluminum curtain walls and panels finished especially to customer specifications, providing complete portfolio of products and services for our customers. Yet, we perfect our selection by offering matching sun protection for all our aluminum windows. The quality products of the manufacturer, Roma, meet every need with regard to shutters, fabric shades or venetian blinds for outside and for inside.

Alu Group & The Environment

Nature and the environment are man’s greatest inheritance and most important legacy for posterity. For all the positive, constructive and technical properties of aluminum, there are also essential environmentally friendly aspects: Our aluminum windows are 100% recyclable. And Aluminum is the third most available element and the most common metal in the earth’s crust, so with its production, the exploitation of scarce natural resources—such as the oil used for the manufacture of plastic windows or wood—is kept to a minimum. Moreover, our aluminum windows palpably reduce energy waste through their exeptional insulating properties.

The World of Aluminium Windows

Here, gain some technical insight into the development and manufacture of aluminum windows.

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